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St Mary's, Ontario
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Agriculture Recruiting Specialty: Livestock

Our agriculture recruiters have years of hands-on experience in the livestock industry and understand the challenges you face in your business. Through the AgStep Talent Database, we have access to over 3000 large animal specialists' resumes and can find you a suitable candidate for your Swine, Dairy, Poultry, Cattle, Equestrian, Feed or Animal Health operation. We recruit: Veterinarian Technicians, Animal Researchers, Ranch and Feedlot Managers, Animal Health Inspectors, Animal Nutritionists, Veterinarians and Animal Geneticists like the candidate described below:

This dedicated sales professional has two decades of animal health and nutrition sales experience. Experience combined with a strong education in Animal Sciences and Herd Health Technology, makes this candidate a front runner in any livestock based sales opportunity. (Candidate Ref #11132)

New to the agricultural industry? Not sure what different careers entail? Looking for some specific job descriptions? Take a look at a few highlighted job titles with mini-descriptions!

Animal Health Technologist

Many Animal Health Technologists will be found working in a private veterinary clinic where they generally enjoy a variety of responsibilities. However, because of the diversity of training and skills, an Animal Health Technologist may be employed in many other areas of the animal health industry.

Farrow to Finish Production Technician

Regular maintenance of routine clean-up, waste handling, feeding, watering, moving swine, weaning, monitoring weight gains. Swine Health, i.e., performing routine health inspections and recognizing signs of disorder, handling and possibly administering medications and vaccines, recognizing related farrowing problems and providing assistance. Waste handling, i.e. performing clean out routines, use of high pressure washers, and knowledge of gas hazards in manure tanks. Maintaining facilities and operating equipment, monitoring and maintaining environmental control systems, operating farm equipment, safety and maintenance.

General Farm Labourer

This position, depending on farm and length of time, may include a variety of general chores such as: clean-up of calf barns, raking freestalls, general yard clean-up, weed control, haying, forage harvesting, rock picking, building and barn maintenance, painting, basic carpentry, and field work (tractor). These jobs may lead to other full-time positions on the farm or ranch depending on the willingness to work and attitude.

General Labourer / Equestrian

On a horse farm a general labourer performs a variety of duties including some of the following: routine cleaning and maintenance of barn, feeding and watering, administering medication under the supervision of barn manager, lead training yearlings in the walking ring, grooming and cleaning of horses, hoof care, assistance with breeding programs, assistance with foaling and the care of pregnant mares and foals. One may also be involved in rock picking, haying, fence line repair, and general maintenance. A general labourer may be required to work weekends.

General Farm Worker (Laying Operation / Hatchery)

Daily routines include feeding, watering, daily collection of hatching eggs and the overseeing of the breeding flock. Workers monitor feed inventory, maintain standards of efficiency and bio-security, maintain and update flock records and statistics, implement health programs, and are familiar with WHIMIS regulations. Other duties and skills may include: monitoring environmental controls and having a basic knowledge of poultry health to identify problems in layers and young flock. Some heavy lifting may be involved. Must be a team player.

Herdsperson & Pork Production Supervisor

This position would be responsible for the following: identification and description of farm production goals and communication of goals to all staff; regular monitoring of animal needs, pig flow, work schedules and emergency responses; water, feed and food quality, humidity, air flow, pig; following key rules of pig production with respect to loading and unloading - temperature and light, reduce stress at all stages, awareness of disease transferring potential and identification of common disorders and diseases; provide regular upkeep of equipment and buildings, demonstrate effective and safe equipment operation.

Large Animal Veterinarian

Do you love animals? Maybe a job as a large animal veterinarian is for you. As a vet you would be responsible for most aspects of an animal's health from diagnosing illness, treating medical conditions and performing surgery to breeding and pregnancy issues and general animal nutrition. Your patients would include cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, and horses and even other commercial animals like buffalo, llamas, ostriches and elk found throughout the province.

What does a Large Animal Veterinarian do?

A large animal vet is not only responsible for the health of their animal patients, but is also is caring for the well-being of someone else's business. Respecting that a customer's livelihood depends on the health of their animal resources, a veterinarian is an important asset to any primary production operation.

It is not unusual for a large animal veterinarian to work long hours during busy times of the year, traveling to their patients on 'farm calls' at primary production operations. Infections, injury, or diseases often cannot 'wait until morning.'

As well, large animal veterinarians are an important line of defense and monitoring for animal diseases that could affect humans in small or large numbers. Making sure that outbreaks of dangerous viruses are reported to the correct authorities is a significant responsibility for anyone who works with animals on a daily basis.

Poultry Manager

Poultry managers are responsible for maintaining and cleaning barns, for setting up and looking after the raising of chicks, pressure washing and some heavy lifting. Communication, decision making and problem solving skills will be required. Daily observation of computer climate controls. Perform, monitor and demonstrate skills of the entire cycle of raising chicks. Employ modern farm business management principles and practices and communication skills.

Supervisor Turkey Breeder

The manager/supervisor works under the Director of Operations supervising all aspects of turkey hatching egg production. Job duties include implementing vaccination and health programs, insemination and tom milking techniques, and working towards the production of top quality eggs while respecting company standards, government regulations, and the highest bio-security standards.

Turkey Farm Technician

Will be responsible for all aspects of the turkey growing operation, including: operating, maintaining and repairing all poultry farm equipment, care of flock, checking water, feed, culling, record keeping, and reporting results.

Cattle Feedlot Worker

Feedlot workers are responsible for day-to-day operations within intensive livestock operations. Cattle feedlot workers will find themselves performing various duties depending on the size and structure of the organization. Different duties at the feedlot include: driving feed trucks, processing incoming cattle, pen checking, performing visual health inspections, treating sick animals, delivering medicines and vaccinations, weighing cattle, operating heavy machinery and sorting animals ready to leave the feedlot.

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Professor and Chief Operating Officer of the Livestock Gentec Centre

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Junior Nutritionist (Abbotsford, BC)

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Feedlot Cattle Health Pen Riders

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