AgStep Hiring Manager's Tipsheet: "Conference Board of Canada July 2018 Insights report- Marijuana in the Workplace"

Cannabis Legalization Sparking Concerns for Canadian Employers

The recreational use of cannabis will be legal in Canada on October 17, 2018. The legalization of recreational cannabis will present a number of challenges for Canadian employers. At the same time, employers will have an opportunity to help shape legislation related to impairment, alcohol and drug (A&D) testing, measures of impairment, and benefits coverage for medicinal use.

The Conference Board of Canada’s survey of Canadian organizations found that more than half (52 per cent) are either concerned or very concerned about the implications this will have on the workplace. Top concerns include workplace safety, impairment or intoxication, and increased use of cannabis both inside and outside the workplace.

Other top concerns for employers regarding the legalization of recreational cannabis include testing for impairment; managing accommodation needs; costs—both of covering medical cannabis and in terms of other financial impacts on the organization; as well as issues related to productivity and employee performance.

Access and download the free report Blazing the Trail: What the Legalization of Cannabis Means for Canadian Employers by Monica Haberl by following this link.

This report summarizes literature on cannabis and its potential impacts on the workplace—outlining top areas employers might address going forward. It also integrates recent Conference Board survey research on organizational concerns surrounding the legalization of recreational cannabis. The report was funded by The Conference Board of Canada’s Health and Safety Leadership Centre (HSLC).

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