Employers Are Losing More Candidates as Time to Fill Continues to Grow

October 2015

It’s taking companies longer than at any time in the last 15 years- maybe even longer than ever- to fill a job, and that slow pace is losing them candidates.

Two recent reports on hiring from Glassdoor and the other from career site publisher DHI Group say the time to fill is getting longer, even when the data is scrubbed to control for changes in location, industry and other variables.

Recruiters at one of the largest search agency networks in the world say this hiring slowness is costing employers candidates. It’s a candidate-driven market, say 9-out-of-10 recruiters, yet too many employers drag their heels on hiring or make low ball offers. The survey says the leading reason why a job offer is turned down is because the candidate accepted another one in the meantime.

At AgStep, we also notice this disturbing trend within the agribusiness industry, and we encourage and work closely with our employer clients to keep the hiring process moving along- and we work with our candidates to keep them engaged in and committed to the process with our clients. That’s how we add value!

Commented one of the survey recruiters: “Employers have to realize candidates are truly a precious commodity in today’s market and they will not remain on the market very long. If they want the candidate, they have to aggressively pursue them in order to get them and keep them.” (with excerpts from John Zappe, ERE.net, July 16, 2015)

We agree completely!

Watch future issues of the AgStep Recruiting Update for more steps to turn your talent attraction and retention into a more strategic process.