Agriculture Recruiting Specialty: Environmental Positions

With environmental contacts across Canada and over 1400 environmental practitioners' resumes in our Talent Database, AgStep will find the right employee to fill your vacancy. We will recruit: Surface Land Representatives, Soil Technicians, Land Reclamation Personnel, Rangeland Conservation Officers, Landscape Ecologists, Technical Sales Experts and other great candidates like the candidate described below:

This junior level Environmental Technician has a Bachelors level degree in Environmental Science and Geography. Historically focused on water conservation, this candidate has recently expanded her education and experience into crop sciences. With a strong understanding of GIS, this recent graduate is seeking to use and grow her skills and education in an upwardly mobile position. (Candidate Ref# 11358)

New to the agricultural industry? Not sure what different careers entail? Looking for some specific job descriptions? Take a look at a few highlighted job titles with mini-descriptions!

Environmental Field Technician

As an Environmental Field Technician, one might rarely be in the office. Instead, Field Technicians spend most days in the field. When working for companies that specialize in decontaminating soil and groundwater, the Field Technician may be supervising the team that cleans up environmental messes such as oil and gas spills.

Environmental Programs Coordinator

Do you like the idea of working towards environmentally sustainable agriculture? Operating within the framework of provincial government bodies, an Environmental Programs Coordinator works with a province-wide team of program extension specialists to gather, examine, understand, and report on information related to the environment and the agriculture industry. An Environmental Programs Coordinator communicates ideas and recommendations through extension programs, workshops, newsletter articles, and presentations. At the same time, collecting feedback through those communications tools is also very important. Environmental Programs Coordinators will have opportunities for networking with government staff and industry groups, professional development and to be part of their department's commitment to high performance, teamwork and quality service.

An ideal Environmental Programs Coordinator should be a university graduate in Agriculture, Environmental Sciences or related degree area, and would possess a good knowledge of the province's agricultural industry and the environmental issues facing it. Of course, any knowledge of environmental issues related to farm management is an asset. Because of the importance of communications in this role, a good Environmental Programs Coordinator should demonstrate attention to detail and have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Public and Environmental Health and Occupational Health and Safety Officer

Inspectors in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties related to ensuring safety in the plant, on the environment and within product creation. In this position, you may inspect the sanitary conditions of restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals and other public facilities or institutions. You may also conduct surveys and monitor programs of the natural environment to identify sources of pollution. Environmental protection activities may include, collecting samples of water for analysis; measuring physical, biological and chemical workplace hazards; and conducting safety and environmental audits.

Archived Jobs

Product Sales Specialist

Calgary, AlbertaEarthRenew Corporation
Tags: EarthRenew, Environment, Alberta, Sales, Fertilizer

Rare Plant Search and Monitoring Staff

Regina, SaskatchewanNature Saskatchewan
Tags: Environment, Conservation, Saskatchewan, Technician

BMP Technician

Shellbrook, SaskatchewanParkland Agri-Environmental Group Inc.
Tags: Environment, Saskatchewan, Management, Technician

Project Manager

Grande Prairie, AlbertaRidgeline Environment Inc.
Tags: Environment, Project, Alberta, Manager

Environmental Technician

Saskatoon, SaskatchewanPrairie Plant Systems Inc.
Tags: Environment, Plants, Saskatchewan, Technician

Liber Ero Chair in Environment

Montréal, QuébecMcGill University
Tags: Environment, University, Research, Education, Quebec, Agriculture

Chairperson, Agriculture & Environment Programming

Brandon, ManitobaAssiniboine Community College
Tags: Environment, Chairperson, Manitoba, Education, Agriculture, Brandon

Agri-Environmental Project and Extension Coordinator

High Prairie, AlbertaPeace Country Beef & Forage Association
Tags: Environment, Beef, Production, Agri-environmental, Forage, Alberta, Livestock, Research

Environmental Program & Extension Coordinator

Forestburg, AlbertaBattle River Research Group
Tags: Environment, Coordinator, Battle River, Alberta, Research, Agriculture

Solid Waste and Recycling Team Lead

Calgary, AlbertaRocky View County
Tags: Environment, Recycling, Team Lead, Alberta, Agriculture, Calgary

Risk / Operation Manager - Agrico Canada L.P.

Hamilton, OntarioLa Coop fédérée
Tags: Safety, Risk, Manager, Agribusiness, Environment, Health, Ontario, Fertilizer, Administration, Operations, Experienced