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Every AgStep JobAd posting sold comes with our guarantee:

If you don't receive any qualified applicants, we will repost your advertisement at no extra charge.

Some restrictions apply*


  1. A job posting may be re-posted a maximum of two additional times
  2. The re-posted advertisement must be for the same position & location as the original advertisement
  3. Call toll-free 1 (877) 944-2119 to have your ad reposted

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Qty Price/JobAd Savings Total (before tax)
1 $375 - $375
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If your organization requires more than 5 JobAds, contact Connie Harder toll-free at 1 (877) 944-2119 for information about our volume discounts.

The PRO JobAd Package

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You know your business – we know the JobAd Board. With the PRO JobAd Package, you receive a customized JobAd tailor-made to capture the attention of thousands of Canadian agriculture job seekers. Our PRO JobAd Package gets results! For your peace of mind, every PRO JobAd Package also comes with the AgStep JobAd Quality Guarantee.

Each PRO JobAd Package comes with a 60 day posting with our enhancement package. JobAd highlighting and the Auto Bump feature ensure your ad is a high traffic ad. The more visibility an ad gets, the greater the number of applicants.

Better yet, you don't have to post the ad, monitor the ad or edit the ad! We manage the process for you. Keep your focus on growing your business, let us manage your job advertising.

How to Buy

When you buy a new JobAd check the 'Full Service PRO Package' option to also get Auto Bump & Highlighting for free!

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