About AgStep

Agriculture Recruiting in Canada

Finding agricultural talent is tough. Knowing who is looking for a career change, identifying talented graduates and assessing transferable skills into agriculture are all crucial elements in sourcing new candidates. With decades of recruiting and human resource experience, the AgStep professional team team knows the ins and outs of talent acquisition.

Company History

  • 1988

    AgCall Inc. was founded by Gordon Butcher to offer short term staffing, sales, and marketing solutions to agri-businesses across North America.

  • 1997

    AgCall Human Resources was established as a division of AgCall Inc. to focus on permanent placement recruiting for the Canadian agricultural industry.

  • 2002

    AgCall agriculture internet job board is created and launched to provide another way to connect agricultural employers with agricultural job seekers.

  • 2005

    The recruiting division was incorporated as AgCall HR Inc. as the firm evolved and expanded its client base.

  • 2006

    AgCall Human Resources launches their new web site including a fully revised AgCall agriculture job board.

  • 2007

    Investing in the job board, AgCall Human Resources adds Connie Harder as their Website Business Development & Marketing Manager. Bringing extensive marketing and customer service experience in agriculture to the team, Connie focuses on connecting job seekers with agricultural employers.

  • 2011

    Investing in the future, AgCall Human Resources adds Recruiting Manager Chad Bodnarchuk to the team. Chad brings his experience, love and enthusiasm for agriculture, and focuses on talent recruiting in Western Canada.

  • 2012

    AgCall HR launches a new job board with bilingual language capacity and enhanced mobile connectivity to increase connections throughout Canada in all areas of agri-business.

  • 2015

    2015 Strengthening the company presence in Western Canada, Connie Harder becomes Recruiting Manager for Alberta and British Columbia, working with client employers and job seekers to achieve their goals.

  • 2017

    AgCall Human Resources Inc. launches the new AgStep.com web site and rebrands as AgStep.

Being connected in the agri-business industry is crucial for successful candidate sourcing and it’s where AgStep excels! Educated, trained and focused in agri-business, the AgStep professional team knows the industry and knows the people in the industry! AgStep will connect you with qualified candidates, through professional recruiting services or through the job board.

AgStep knows how hard it is to find qualified candidates in agri-business. Our recruiting team specializes in agri-business and offers years of experience in agricultural recruiting. From agriculture to horticulture, to rural finance and aquaculture – if you need top talent in senior level positions, agri-business is our specialty.

If you have a great job advertisement, but need a high volume, agriculture-focused forum to market it, the job board is the perfect forum to find qualified agricultural candidates. Agricultural job seekers from across Canada search the job board regularly for agricultural positions.

If you need a professional job advertisement created for any agri-business job opportunity, AgStep offers a customized job advertising writing package. Your new job will then be placed on the job board to capture the attention of thousands of agricultural job seekers across Canada.

Regardless of your talent-attraction goals, AgStep has a level of investment to fit your business, and a solution to help you find qualified agricultural talent. Guaranteed.